02 July 2005

Lateral Thinking

Posted by Jameson Penn
Mark Up and Up and Up
Which commonly consumed commodity has the greatest mark-up in price from the cost of raw material to the price paid by the consumer? WHAT is it?

HINT 1: It is not gasoline, cocaine, CDs, truffles, or pearls.
HINT 2: It is a food; it is cooked; and it is a popular snack.

Money Maker
A man walked into a store and bought some candy. He and the clerk did not know each other. He paid with a $20 bill and received $21 in change. WHY?

HINT 1: There was no wrong-doing or criminal activity.
HINT 2: The clerk gave the correct change.
HINT 3: The man was on vacation.

Mark Up and Up and Up: Popcorn. There is a 5,000% mark-up in the cinema.
Money Maker:
An American on vacation in Canada paid with US$20 and given CA$21 in change.


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