21 August 2005

The Play Ethic

Posted by Jameson Penn
I really want to read this book, The Play Ethic: Manifesto for a Different Way of Living, when it becomes available in the US. There is no originality in declaring a certain unique trait in Generation Y's development in a world of play. By no means should play be interpreted in a negative light. Following the rhetoric of Steven Johnson (Everything Bad is Good For You: How Today's Pop Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter), play is imagination which is creativity which is desperately needed in corporate America, IMHO.

IBM is one of a few big names who have openly embraced blogging by their employees. Such play is not the typical websurfing that has been despised by employers ever since the addition of the internet to the workplace. Whether we are speaking from the perspective of the lurker or the blogger, this is an interactive and stimulating activity that provokes thought that certainly has externality effects for the employer.

This is not to say that there are not abusers out there who blog and browse at the expense of their employer's hard earned dollar. However, I'm confident that there were plenty of employees wasting time far before the advent of the push-button publishing revolution.

But I digress: kudos to the company that discovers how to harness the creativity of its employees from encouraging play in and out of the workplace. May the games begin!


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