06 September 2005

Why Are Music Services So Stupid?

Posted by Jameson Penn
The Long Tail is hitting on something very near and dear to my heart: music. The particular question he is asking is:
Why are the current generation of music services so dumb?

Recommendations, playlists and even detailed genre-level organization (which Rhapsody does best) are great, but they're not enough. I want to reorder the world of music my own way, and my way is different from the next guy's way. In the movie world this is easy, because we've got IMDB, which demonstrates what extensive cross-linking of every pertinent fact, from each cast and crew member to all the companies involved, can offer. So why don't we have the same for music?
I completely agree. I've been dabbling with a very basic user-created fields within itunes, which compliment the smart playlists I have setup. In a very limited way, I have links between songs, albums, artists, using groupings and the comments field (as keywords). These aid the ease of use for my complex network of smart playlists, but oh, the places we could go!

The Long Tail mentions Discogs and Upto11, which I have not played with but will definitely check out.

(One of these days I'll go into detail about how I have exploited smart playlists from within itunes, as influenced by smartplaylists.com. But that is a story for another day.)


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