20 October 2005

Host Your Own Podcast For Free! (I am)

Posted by Jameson Penn

For more than five years, I’ve used software to mix mp3s into continuous mixes that I would burn onto CDs that I played in my car and distributed to friends. My mixes got me through many, many hours of pizza deliveries during the ghetto college years of my life. For awhile, I was averaging a mix every week. But admittedly, that was during college when free time was easily managed. Having joined the workforce, time is not so cheap. As a result, my mixes have become less frequent, maybe every three or four weeks.

Stepping back, I can now count more than 100 mixes that are scattered across my desktop and laptop at home, not including those I’ve archived on CD. All in all, I probably have accumulated 150 mixes.

For 2005, my personal New Year’s resolution was to eliminate my dependency on CDs as a media format. They’re wasteful, easily lost, a pain to organize, easily scratched, and lacking in storage capacity. Analog is so last century. Upon my full-on love affair with iTunes + my iPod mini (just say NO! to the Nano), I have realized it makes the most sense to format mixes into podcasts. The mystery was how to host those podcasts for free.

Enter: podomatic. You can have up to 250mb in mp3s for the public to hear and download all for free! I’m in love.